About Us

We strive to add value by delivering on our commitments of managing your investments prudently and rigorously.

Our Firm

Capstem is an investment management firm focussing on applying cutting-edge technological breakthroughs in the field of financial markets.

With this approach, our aim is to deliver superlative returns to investors while staying true to our core principles of unparalleled customer centricity, cutting-edge research and effective risk management.

Although machines make us smart, we believe in hard work and data. Over the last couple of years, we’ve spent a lot of time understanding investor profiles, market behaviour, and consumer analytics.

Who We Are

The founding team at Capstem comes with a rich background and experience in portfolio management across global markets. We believe the right approach to financial markets requires interplay between various disciplines such as Finance, Data Science, Mathematics and Statistics.

With this ideology we formed a team of professionals and researchers to deliver our commitments while staying true to our core principles of ethics. With the right mix and diversity, the team strives for excellence while harnessing synergy and the strength of common purpose.

What We Do

As an investment management firm built on the pillars of innovation and excellence, we employ different strategies based on the tools fostered by our product and technology ecosystem to generate efficient returns based on the requirements of our clients.

We apply mathematical functions and computing to trade data and financial statements for our investment management. Understanding consumer behaviour and adapting to change key to our fundamentals. Drawing ideas from microstructure theory, we quantify investor behaviour and develop sophisticated trading models leveraging computing power on massive amounts of data.

With meticulous detailing around portfolio construction, we try to ensure high quality returns without deviating from the fundamental essence of disciplined risk minimization.