Our Firm

Capstem is an investment management firm focussing on applying technological breakthroughs in the field of financial markets.

Who We Are

The founding team at Capstem comes with strong background and experience in portfolio management across global markets. We believe the right approach to financial markets requires interplay between various disciplines such as Finance, Data Science, Mathematics and Statistics.

What We Do

We employ different investment strategies and techniques using technology to generate efficient returns based on the requirements of our clients without compromising on risk management.


We provide investment solutions to our clients with diversification across different asset classes and investment strategies. Our solutions are based around themes of minimizing risk while optimizing capital allocation.


We're always interested in bright and talented individuals, who are excited about doing some innovative and groundbreaking work, without any discrimination.


Have a specific question or feedback? Drop in a message and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.